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  • HR Manager, Lynneah Smith

A Thank You Note to ELSNER Team Members, Past, Present and Future

It’s no secret that employees want to know that their company values them and their contributions to the organization’s success. Why, then, did Gallup report that only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree that they receive recognition or praise for doing good work?

Employees aren’t alone. Even celebrities and politicians question a job well done. A few years ago, Oprah Winfrey shared in a commencement speech at Harvard:

I’ve done over 35,000 interviews in my career. And as soon as that camera shuts off, everyone always turns to me and inevitably, in their own way, asks this question: “Was that OK?” I heard it from President Bush. I heard it from President Obama. I’ve heard it from heroes and from housewives. I’ve heard it from victims and perpetrators of crimes. I even heard it from Beyoncé in all of her Beyoncé-ness….[We] all want to know one thing: “Was that OK?” “Did you hear me?” “Do you see me?” “Did what I say mean anything to you?”

The need to be validated, recognized and appreciated are innate – though many are too humble to admit. A pat on the back or a simple thank you goes a long way to know that what you do matters.

Employee recognition programs have the power to impact many aspects of a business including employee engagement, productivity and purpose. Focusing on recognition can also boost company morale and promote employee retention. In a nutshell, recognition can be a game-changer for driving success.

ELSNER's Culture of Purpose and Recognition

At ELSNER, our Core Values are founded on the premise that we SUCCEED TOGETHER through every employee’s individual contribution to the team we’ve created and the purpose behind the vision that we work toward. Quite simply, we thrive because we have a purpose-driven team. Without the dedication and unwavering commitment to exceed expectations, we’d fail to accomplish anything.

To cultivate that dedication and commitment, ELSNER has created a culture of recognition and appreciation through programs like:

· Gotcha Coins: Managers and supervisors within the organization are given coins that they can award to an employee who goes above and beyond in their daily work. In turn, they can swap the coin for a $50 gift card. Gotcha Coins are our way of giving a pat on the back and saying, “I GOTCHA for doing an outstanding job!”

· Employee Recognition Program: Exceptional acts are often completed without a supervisor knowing, so we created a program where employees can nominate one another to be recognized and receive an award. Once per quarter, the leadership team selects two employees who were nominated by their peers and who exemplified one or more of ELSNER’s core values to receive a $500 bonus.

Our goal is to ensure we provide multiple opportunities for recognition so that great work doesn’t go unnoticed. However, even with our efforts, it never feels like enough. The talent, skill, passion, and purpose that exudes from ELSNER employees eight plus hours a day, five days a week is unmatched.

This blog post is another opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks for the heart and soul each person puts into their work:

…To our past employees who have helped us learn and grow, thank you for your service and the contributions you have made.

…To our present employees who work tirelessly to carry on ELSNER’s 87-year legacy, you are valued – you are appreciated – you are what makes us the ELSNER family. Thank you for all that you do, day in and day out.

…To our future employees we do not yet know, we look forward to meeting you, working alongside you, and sharing in our purpose-driven success.

If you are interested in joining the ELSNER family, apply today or contact us for more information on how you can become a valued member of our team.

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