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  • Morgan Stonesifer

ELSNER: Continuous Improvement at Our Core

The foundation for everything we do at ELSNER is our Core Values. We Succeed Together by having an Empowered Workforce whose energy and commitment is built on having trust in one another to make decisions. Our passion for providing Customer Assurance stems from our desire to go the extra mile – being Vision Orientated in all that we do. How do we drive that mission and vision on a day-to-day basis? A Continuous Improvement Mindset.

The Continuous Improvement (CI) Mindset

Continuous improvement is a principle that includes utilizing a combination of tools to achieve goals associated with improved outcomes. We’ve addressed goals such as removing manufacturing downtime wastes, completing root cause analysis to solve problems, improving processes, and finding more efficient ways to accomplish everyday work.

Why might the CI mindset be relevant to job seekers? The simple answer is employee input. Our employees are our biggest resources as we know that they see and experience everyday challenges and can find CI opportunities in their work. Many times, a CI idea is suggested through a simple conversation of what is working (or what is not working) about a process, area, job, etc. The CI team thrives on hearing ideas, solving problems and developing creative solutions. Read on to learn about more ways ELSNER promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement Ideas Board

To highlight our opportunities for improvement, we created the Continuous Improvement Ideas Board. This bulletin board is posted in our shop and has a bin of blank ideas slips for employees to fill out. Once filled out, the idea is posted onto the board to allow for employee feedback. We’ve found giving employees the opportunity to read ideas, share their input, and possibly join the team to find a solution for the idea gives everyone the chance to get involved with our CI projects.


Since implementing the Ideas Board in July of 2020, we have received over 115 ideas from our employees. Some ideas include justifying purchases by creating an ROI (return on investment), creating a standardized process or flow map, redoing work staging areas, deleting redundant process operations, and so much more. The person who submits the idea is invited to lead the project and help implement the best solution that is uncovered by participating employees and the CI team.

The CI team works diligently to assist and give employees the tools they need to succeed. This can include organizing meetings between departments, providing supporting data from our system, and charting the project to ensure sustainability of the improvement. CI’s goal is to ensure all employees feel empowered to use their voice to share their ideas and collaborate with others.

Employee Training

In addition to asking employees to join our CI projects and meetings, the CI team encourages employees to create CI groups in their departments to help inspire CI in their own way. To support this, we send a few employees regularly to complete LEAN Certification training. This training consists of both classroom portions and multiple “Train and Do” events that are held at local manufacturing facilities. We host a few of these events at ELSNER as well. Most recently we hosted a Set Up Reduction event and two 5S events. These events are carried out by the Lean Cert group and ELSNER employees who work directly in the department where the event is focused. The training provides employees an excellent opportunity to grow in their knowledge of continuous improvement, receive an industry-recognized certification, network with other local businesses and help enhance efforts at ELSNER.

The possibilities for continuous improvement are endless. With immediate openings for several skilled roles, you could join a team where your voice is heard, and your ideas are shared.

What are you waiting for? Apply and join our empowered group today!

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