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Growth Opportunities & ELSNER

How has ELSNER grown? Let’s count the ways:

· ELSNER has more than doubled in size over the past several years, hiring over 30% of our current workforce during the pandemic.

· We’ve entered new, essential markets, engineering converting machines that are more complex and feature robotic and automated solutions.

· Our building has expanded by 60,000 square feet to over 117,000 square feet.

· Our capacity and output have increased at a rate higher than we ever thought imaginable.

These growth points are just the beginning of the story and one thing’s for sure: all of this growth wouldn’t be possible without our people. ELSNER employees have stepped up to the plate and taken the growth in stride. Through these thrilling yet trying times, our employees have gained opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. What are some growth-related ways that ELSNER employees are benefiting? Here are some examples:


We love to see our team succeed and advance. To that end, twenty percent of the offers made since January 2021 have been from internal promotions.

Training Opportunities

With an influx of many new employees, ELSNER has prioritized training programs and appointed an in-house Training Specialist who has 35 years of experience at ELSNER. These programs ensure there are countless opportunities to take hands-on technical and safety-related training without leaving the building. ELSNER has also put focus on cross training which has been vital to our fast-paced environment. Employees have also traveled to offsite trainings including Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training, Fanuc robotics training, leadership training, job-specific training and many more.

Apprenticeship Programs

ELSNER offers a four-year Machining Apprenticeship and a two-year Welding Apprenticeship. These full-time job opportunities allow individuals with little to no prior experience but a strong desire to learn to become PA state approved Journeyworker Machinists and Welders.

“The apprenticeship program has opened my eyes. I’ve doubled my thoughts and don’t have tunnel vision. Before joining Elsner’s apprenticeship program, I only knew how to run 2-axis lathes. Now I’m running mills and making square parts on a 4-axis lathe, and I have so many opportunities to learn new technology. To me, growth at Elsner means change and improvement.” – Tyke Shubert, current Machinist Apprentice

Mentorship Program

We are proud to say that over 30 of our current employees have more than 20, 30 and in some cases 40 years of experience with ELSNER. What better way to pass on that expertise to eager new hires than our Mentorship Program? Mentorships allow new employees the ability to become better acquainted with the organization while providing the opportunity for our tenured employees to broaden their professional mindsets. The best part is it’s a self-paced program tailored to each mentee’s individual needs.

Continuous Improvement

Career growth doesn’t have to mean a new job title. Sometimes just having a voice can make all the difference. Those who are most successful at ELSNER possess a growth mindset and are experts at their roles, often having great ideas for improvement. We want to harness those great ideas so we implemented The Continuous Improvement Ideas Program to give employees that voice to share suggestions. Getting involved in projects such as implementing a new process or learning a new technology is highly encouraged. The possibilities to grow are limitless.

Empowered Workforce

ELSNER lives by our Core Values, especially the value of having an Empowered Workforce. Employees are encouraged to get comfortable making decisions, succeeding through trial and error and making a difference.

“From the minute I walked in the door at Elsner, the atmosphere was set – respectful, focused, customer excellence, family. I can remember being so excited to work for a company that embraced change and wanted your ideas to make things better. I was hired as a Production Scheduler which was a newly created position. Within the first year, I grew into that role, saw my worth, and knew I wanted more. I approached the leadership team about creating a position as Production Coordinator. They were so welcoming of the idea and quickly executed it – talk about feeling empowered. Anything truly is possible at Elsner. The growth we’ve experienced since the onset of COVID-19 is incredible, and we are reaping the benefits and feeling the pain. It has been a challenge at times trying to meet the expectation of the customers. For me I just see more opportunity to grow. Growth to me ultimately means experience, knowledge, successes/failure, adventure.” – Crissy Stambaugh, current Production Coordinator

Passionate people need apply

If you’re passionate about sharing your ideas, feeling complacent in your current organization or looking for a new challenge, ELSNER just might be the perfect fit for your next career move. Apply today, join our team and get ready to experience all the growth opportunities ELSNER has to offer.

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