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  • HR Manager, Lynneah Smith

The ELSNER Opportunity

At the end of an interview, we always provide an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions. One question we hear quite often is, “What’s your favorite thing about working at Elsner?” My answer is always twofold, with the first being what you typically might expect to hear from a Human Resources professional: I like the people.

The Team: Second to None

The team we’ve cultivated here is second to none. Elsner employees are genuine. Through 86 years of teamwork, trial and error, and problem solving, Elsner employees have passed along generations of knowledge and care for the people working next to them. Whether a new employee navigating through the nerves of a new job or a 20-year Elsner veteran – it doesn’t matter. You have a question? There’s always someone there to lend a hand or point you in the right direction.

The team of talented, hardworking individuals at Elsner makes possible my second favorite thing about working at Elsner: the ability to affect change.

The Opportunity for Change

I’ve personally experienced opportunities to affect change at Elsner in many ways. From helping employees adjust their work schedules to balance family obligations at home, to providing guidance on career advancement or education, to developing new programs and planning fun activities to create an engaging environment and brighten someone’s day, my opportunities are endless. Moreover, by working here, I (and every Elsner employee), have been given a unique opportunity to affect change on a much grander scale by improving the lives of millions.

Elsner’s Global Impact

Elsner machines are installed all over the world. Those machines make end-use products like sanitation wipes, water filtration systems, and medical disposables – essential products and systems that people need to survive. The companies who produce and distribute those products wouldn’t have the machinery needed to do their jobs without the diligent work of every person employed by Elsner. When we come to work each day, no matter what our job role is, we come knowing that our purpose is to change someone’s life for the better whether within our four walls, our local community or abroad. And that purpose is driven by that opportunity for change that Elsner provides.

What does all of this have to do with a human resources blog and why should you care? As someone who serves the organization through my role in Human Resources working to find the best of the best, I can say with absolute certainty that we’re looking for employees who have an innate desire and passion for our purpose. We want people who want to be a part of living out Elsner’s core values of Succeeding Together, being Vision Oriented, providing Customer Assurance and embracing an Empowered Workforce.

Ready to work for a company that puts their employees first, promotes a culture of continuous improvement, welcomes and values employees’ ideas and opinions, and ultimately improves the lives of many, locally AND all over the world? Are you ready to embrace YOUR opportunity to affect change? Call us. Apply today. Join the Elsner family.

Lynneah Smith is the Human Resources Manager at Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. She is passionate about helping the organization thrive through identifying highly skilled candidates to join the ELSNER team. She believes in providing employees with the best environment and culture to grow and succeed. Contact Lynneah to discuss how you can open the door to your new career today.

For more from Lynneah, watch the video:

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