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The ELSNER Tech Center is Growing, Looking for a Production Lead

The ELSNER Tech Center (ETC), is a great ELSNER asset that has helped our customers keep up with demands during the COVID crisis. From converters with an overflow of capacity to several new players who want to enter the robust U.S. wipes market, we have been hopping over at the ETC! In fact, we're so busy, we need to add a 2nd Shift Production Lead to our team. This leadership role that will pilot the 2ndshift team at our fast-paced ETC production facility comes with a $1000 sign on bonus, so let us know right away if this is the role for you.

First off, what's the ETC do? Here's a little background... at the ETC:

  • We help our customers with overflow of production demand with short-term capacity boosts

  • We provide an outlet for smaller volume jobs or new product pilot tests that don't fit into converters' busy production schedules.

  • We help up-and-comers enter the U.S. Market or assist those who are new to the wipes industry and need a startup partner.

  • It is the home of our ELSNER Certified program where we test substrates and provide specific guidance and recipes to run materials optimally on ELSNER machinery.

  • It is the home of ELSNER U, a new training outlet that ELSNER has developed to help our customers optimize their manufacturing by learning the ins and outs of their ELSNER machinery.

Second, why consider working at the ETC? The Production Lead job might be for you if:

  1. You like helping people. The ETC is a true testament to our desire to help others optimize their manufacturing processes. Our mission has been geared to sharing the 85+ years of converting expertise and experience of our team. The facility allows us to provide product research & development, substrate testing and technical training as well as fill manufacturing gaps for both established converters AND new-to-the-market or outside of the US-based converters with overflow or new/pilot product converting needs. We are not out to compete with the refined operations of our customers, but we are able to help new brands break into the market.

  2. You like making a difference. ELSNER manufactures world-class machinery that converts essential products such as disinfectant wipes, filters for potable water and surgical drapes. Our team is purpose-driven, knowing that whether we are converting an order of disinfectant wipes or engineering the next generation automated solutions for an essential industry, we are making a worldwide difference. Not to mention that the demand of the end-use products of which are made on ELSNER machines provides not only job security but lots of opportunity for growth.

  3. You enjoy being a part of a great team: The ELSNER team is comprised of a group of people who have one common set of goals: succeeding together and empowering each other. And once our employees become part of the ELSNER family, they stick around for the long haul. We have families of multiple generations, fathers, sons, uncles, aunts, daughters and cousins working side-by-side. 85 years of family-owned business means we know how to care for our employees and their work-life balance

For more info on the Production Lead position and our other openings (also with $1000 sign-on bonuses!), visit

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