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The Life of An ELSNER Service Technician

Did you know that ELSNER produces every aspect of our various lines of converting machinery in-house? From innovative engineers who design the machines, to highly skilled machinists who fabricate the parts, to mechanically inclined assemblers who build the machines from the ground up – every person on the team plays a vital role in our success. But once the machine is built, did you ever wonder how they make it from our shop in Hanover, PA to our customer facilities all over the world? Some of the converting lines that ELSNER produces are quite large and very complex, taking a lot of know-how to get these machines set up and running for customer success. We rely on our Service Technicians, who are always up for the challenge, for this integral part of the process .

Our Service Technicians are a resourceful team who are no strangers to travel, customer service, or problem solving. We wanted to highlight this group because we just couldn’t get the job done without them and we are currently looking to recruit more members to the team. Read on for some interviews with some of our talented Service Tech team to share a view of the Life of a Service Tech: what their job is all about, why they like it and what makes them want to be here at ELSNER.

What is your favorite thing about being an ELSNER Service Technician?

Alex Baxter, Tech since March 2018

I like being a Service Tech at ELSNER, because it’s a challenge. My job is to make sure the machine is operational before it leaves the organization and when it gets to the customer facility. I welcome this challenge each time I come into work.

What is it like being a new Service Technician at ELSNER?

Jarrod Young, Tech since December 2020

It’s been a lot of learning. I was a Service Tech at my old job, so fixing, maintaining, and repairing machines is what I’m familiar with. Being able to assemble the machines here has helped a lot in learning how they work and how to maintain them. I’ve gained a lot of hands-on, mechanical knowledge.

What are the top 3 skills an ELSNER Service Technician should have?

Bob Murren, current Customer Support Technician – former ELSNER Tech for 10 years

ELSNER has provided me with opportunities for growth in my career. Continued changes in technology keeps me learning new skills. Being an ambassador for Elsner has given me the opportunity to work with talented people both in the United States and abroad. Throughout my experience as a Service Technician, I have learned that the top three skills an ELSNER Tech should have are:

1. Electrical troubleshooting skills and the ability to read blueprints.

2. A mechanical aptitude and a willingness to learn.

3. Good social skills and the ability to communicate clearly with customers.

What does a day look like in the life of an ELSNER Service Tech?

Matt Fetzer, Tech since March 2019 and Alex Genao-Torres, Tech since October 2019

There is no such thing as a normal day. You’re always working and doing different things – constantly debugging, troubleshooting, and trying to perfect the machine. With more complex machines, you’re running it and all of a sudden something happens. Then you have to figure out how to fix it, so you’re constantly learning something new. We work on some of the craziest technology they have out right now with automation and robotics. Every day is a challenge and an opportunity.

How has being a Service Technician helped you in school and vice versa?

Don Lehr, Tech since August 2020

I’m currently pursuing my associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology which contains many practical level courses to help make engineers more hands-on ready. I’ve taken electrical classes, CAD courses, and even machine shop classes, where I’ve gotten to work with mills and lathes. I would certainly say the help from school to work goes both ways as my job helps make me more familiar with many things discussed in class. Before being a Service Technician at ELSNER and going back to school, I had no idea there was a viable option for me outside of being an auto mechanic after 25 years in that business.

What was your travel experience like as an ELSNER Service Tech?

Joe Despines, current Quality Assurance Inspector – former ELSNER Tech for 20 years

I visited 35 countries throughout my time at ELSNER. One of my biggest joys in traveling has been experiencing different cultures outside of the USA. Some of my most unique experiences have been visiting the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, touring a castle in Whales, seeing the courses of the Le Mans race in France, meeting Mr. T in Chicago, and surfing in San Diego.

To sum it all up, as you can see from these interviews, ELSNER Service Technicians embrace our core value of providing Customer Assurance in every facet of their role within the organization. They are company leaders who exemplify adaptability, positivity, and hard work – all while being the face of ELSNER among our customers.

If you are looking for opportunities to grow in your career, learn something new, embrace a challenge, or see the world, apply today to join the Service Technician team at Elsner Engineering.

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